ARE YOU IN The Business of Local?

Local. It’s your neighborhood. Your community. Whether it’s up the street. Or across town. It’s where you are.

At LSA we’re in the business of local and we serve those who bring local commerce to life. From consumers and small merchants to national brands. From the corner store owner who knows everyone’s name to the national retailer next door whose name everyone knows.

More than 90 percent of consumer spending is offline. Yet every day people use an expanding array of digital devices and media to make these local buying decisions. Insight into this complex purchase path is vital.

That’s where LSA comes in. We support members that bring consumers and businesses together where and when it matters most, at the point of purchase - so every sale is just a visit, click, or call away.

We’re helping members realize the promise of local marketing and commerce. Connecting buyers and sellers. Boosting member sales and revenues. Sustaining vibrant communities. This is the power of location and local commerce.

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